Couple Questionaire

30 couple questions for couples to answer (obviously)

1. Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:

It was during my form 4 days when i first met Yvonne at chuch. We went to youth class and she was a new member.. My first ever direct conversation with her was when i had to ask for her contact details (i was in charge of collecting everyone’s info). My first impression was, “wow hey, hello hawt stuff!”  “Haaaaleluyaaah. God sent an Angel down to Earth”. xD

2. what’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?:

She likes to randomly say “La-la-la” in a very ‘melodious’ way. Three same syllable in three different sound. oh, and to eat ice also. o_O

3. what makes him/her happy?:

Me! obviously. and Ice-Cream =) and Ice also =,=

4. what makes him/her sad?:

My absence D: and tutoring. haha..

5. what makes him/her angry?:

The hot weather xD 

6. what excites him/her?

Shopping! and handphones, and me!! xD

7. tell us something funny about him/her:

Yvonne eats so much ice, she eats more than the one that sunk the Titanic. 

8. what’s s/he like at home?:

She’s only in her room to sleep/study, she’s infront of the tv any other time, and she visits the refrigerator very often.

9. what’s s/he like at work/school?:

@uni, she hates the stairs. and in class, she’s always disturbing her friends. =) =)

10. what’s his/her best friend like?:

As crazy as she is. When they get together, they can sound like a big crowd.  

11. do you know who s/he hates the most?:


12. have you met his/her exes?:

They don’t exist.

13. do his/her parents like you?:

Very muchh!! 😀 thank you God.

14. what’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee:

“SayAaaaaang, heeeelpppp!”  or  “Ouch”.

15. what would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:

Ermm.. Dial my mobile number! or maybe an ambulance. o.O

16. which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:

Isetan, Parkson, Topshop, Body Shop, Padini, Forever 21,….. boutiques la.

17. what would s/he have for a typical breakfast?:

Erm..she only has breakfast during weekends. haha.. erm soupy noodle?

18. where would s/he want to go for dinner?:

Anywhere with me =) like Madam Kwan’s..Chilis.. Sushi.. Padington’s.. food court also can.. Old town also can..

19. what kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?:

Chick Flick (isit how u spell it, yang?) x)

20. if s/he wasnt going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?:

Family. Or…maybe Youth, and sometimes with besties.

21. what item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn:

Emm.. nothing le..

22. what is s/he totally horrible at?:

Puzzles, riddles, chess, and anything else that involves lotsa logical thinking and reasoning. 

23. what’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?:

When sayang gets so blur at times, nothing goes into her head. Haha.. good thing that doesn’t happen often.

24. what’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?:

Spending so muchhh in shopping trips and buying presents. omg u should see her shop. Like can pluck money from trees $_$

25. what’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:

On loving each other =)))

26. is s/he possessive?:

Sometimes. xD

27. why would s/he succeed in life

Because she’s going to marry me. SUCCESS!

28. what is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?:

toooo many to listttttt! Erm.. an MP3 player would be one of em =)

29. tell us about a time s/he looked absolutely gorgeous:

During my first uni prom. awww she looked so stunningly gorgeous! It was her first time wearing a dress in her entire teen-adult life. (little girl dun count) and she had her make up done, contact lenses, and her hair was also nicely made. wOot! and so many other times also la. 

30. what do you love most about him/her?:

Her beautiful eyes, her sweet smile, her passionate heart and her genuine and honest love for me =’)


a couple meme

adapted from blogger pinkpau


For Yvonne’s answers, click here.


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Happy 2009! Bubye 2008, it has been a great year.. but 2009 will be better!

Nothing much to say here, i guess i’ll just describe what i did on the first day of 2009.

Since i couldnt get to see Sayang, i was super bored @home.. KayD and I had something new to do:

Heres some Photos.. xD

*Above: Shot of my PSP with direct flash (I don’t have a speedlight…YET)

*Above: Shot of my PSP with creative lighting
(used a namecard to deflect the flash upwards to a white cardboard that bounces the flash back down)


MORE PHotos…..

*Above: same thing.. direct built-in flash

*Above: a lil dark tho… ohwell, just for Fun~



*Above: Direct Flash…. notice the glass reflecting back the flash and the reflections at the bottom

*Above: nicely lit eh? XD but not nice enough.. i gota build my own mini lighting studio soon..
*Above: Same thing.. flash flash~ (christmas gift from mum!)
*Above: sameee thinggggggggg
Still got moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀
*Above: need no explanation.
*Above: lalalala~
Ok this is different. Played around and gonna demo different focuses.
*Above: Focused on the reflection on the lens
*Above: Focused on the lens itself
When it was finally dinner time, this was wad i had :::::
mam mam~
*love ya babe*

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My 549th day with my Baby

 I remember too long ago, Yvonne and I were counting the days and was excited about hitting our 100th day together. It seemed as such a wonderful achievement.. our 100th day. a nice round number indeed..

Before writing here, I was curious to count the exact number of days we were together in our 18 month-relationship. and to my surprise (thanks to the use of technology) I was shocked to know that we have reached our FIVE-HUNDRED-n-FORTY-NINTH (549th) day together. WOW. What a shock. the days go by so quickly, I must be having fun.

So, this was how my baby and I spent our 549th day together. *grinz*

This is Brisik, an Indonesian restaurant. Fairly priced for a great food.
And whats great is that theres 20% off for students! (which Yvonne&I forgot to claim

Here comes…….the prezzies!! (@1st I was conned that I dun have a prezzy.. tetiba got..)

Levi’s top from Sayang!! wah so cute.. ^^^^ 🙂 thanks baby, i LOVE it!


Brownies! baked with TLC (Tender-Loving Care)!


Hehe.. Happy Anniversary Dear!!

I love you.. 🙂



My new tee xD – explained




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5th of December..

Its the time of the month again when we count the months and be grateful to God for every month week day hour minute SECOND we’ve been together..

Its kinda late now, i’ll just cut to the chase now. I just rushed alil something for u to read it @ work baby..









So here it is!! :



(Click to enlarge)

It took me a couple of hours to complete it..
Every letter is a photograph (used KayD) of the keyboard on Hewy! THen photoshopped and put em all together =)
Hope you like it baby.. it didnt come out what i had imagined in my mind tho. LOL. @least i tried to be creative xD


Happy 1.5years Anniverysary baby..
im so in love with you.



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a lovely couple.. (chewa~)




who enjoy taking photos..







and this is wad the gurlfriend did!



Wah0ot!!! nice eh? XD

thanks baby, it really made me smileyed , displaying all my crooked gigi =D

I love youUUu



*missing you*s

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My day with my Sayang ;)

w0ot! yet another awesome day with my Baby!!! :DD hehehe..

Heres a few pictures of our Lunch! (thanks for spending yang) xD

Banana Split with Choc syrup!! with a cherry, sprinkled chocolate rice over whipped cream and two Scoops of Vanilla.
tastes really nice xD cause you were there baby 🙂

Chicken with Turmeric sauce (i think), with vegetables and fries on the side!
the yellow sauce tastes quite unique. 😀

Mwax *blush* =))

Thanks Sayang for the great day again. Everyday has been really fun because of You.


*blog adi!* x3

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Another photoshopped photograph by a photographer-wanna-be

Another great photograph (by Sayang =3) i photoshopped with HDR.

Heres the original:


And heres the rendered version:


I hope you like it baby..


*its heavy and its for me.. i wonder what is it.. x3 *

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